The Use of the Natural HCG Hormone Proves Its Worth

Certainly a major challenge that we all face going into the future is staying in shape, staying healthy and keeping our bodies from sliding back into bad habits. This is never an easy task, in fact, it’s one of the most challenging things a person can do. However, researchers have spent decades in search of tools that can help us achieve results and maintain them over the long term. This has led to the development of surprisingly effective treatments, that not only help people lose weight quickly, but help them keep it off indefinitely. There is now a ton of different treatments out there, all with their own advantages and disadvantages, that have been proven to clinically work in trials.

Easily one of the most popular, and still one of the most doctor prescribed of all treatments, is the HCG diet protocol. This plan is actually one of the first ever developed by a doctor, dating back to the 1950s. It’s proven itself to be a very powerful weight loss method since. As an example of the results it gives, users will typically lose at least 40 pounds per regimen (extended regimen up to 60 days). This averages out to over 1 pound for every day of the diet, the fastest weight loss possible according to research (your body cannot burn off more than a few thousand extra calories per day, it’s not possible biologically).

The use of HCG has its origins in an attempt to find an unconventional treatment for patients who could not lose weight with exercise or diet without significant unease. As a result, a new treatment was developed that cast aside a lot of these misconceptions about needing to commit to these sort of rigorous programs. This treatment helps people to lose weight naturally, and has been clinically proven to do so in trials. The HCG diet works by boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite, by using your own body’s natural reaction to the hormone. Your brain activates its hypothalamus gland, directly impacting how your body responds to food when you eat, and also how it burns fat.

The Development of the Three Phase Weight Loss Program

The HCG diet protocol is designed around maximizing your results when taking the hormone, so that you can achieve the best weight loss possible in the shortest time. This involves a specific regimen, one that was actually designed by the original founder: Dr. ATW Simeons. This entails three distinct phases, the loading phase, low calorie diet phase and maintenance phase. These phases are specifically designed to burn fat as quickly as possible and maintain the weight that’s lost once it’s burnt.

Effective Weight Loss TreatmentDuring each phase, besides phase three, the user continues to take HCG daily. This means at least 125 IUs of the hormone, in order for it to be truly effective. ┬áThe HCG diet provides resounding results, with the average person losing between 30 to 40 pounds of fat over the course of the diet. It’s a tremendously effective treatment which is why it’s grown so popular over the years.

HCG is a powerful treatment, that boosts metabolism, decreases appetite and increases energy. It’s one of the most effective treatments for weight loss in the world, and continues to be widely prescribed and recommended by doctors. It’s really no wonder this is the case, given the results it provides users.